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  • 10 FAQs: Medicaid’s Role in End-of-Life Care

    This straight-forward, up-to-date, and well researched resource answers basic questions about Medicare’s role in palliative care, advance planning, and hospice.

  • Can I see a sample document that outlines end of life planning?

    This is an example of the customizable 5 Wishes form. The actual form can be purchased at the home site:

  • Caring From a Distance

    This organization seeks to meet the needs of long-distance caregivers. The site includes information about planning, resources, and finances. It also includes a collection of stories about others’ experience with long-distance caregiving and a portal to log in and keep track of medical information.

  • How can I calculate how much long-term care will cost?

    This extremely useful list of resources includes free apps (pill identifier, Rx scheduler, etc), a Q & A tool, a Social Security Benefits Calculator, a guided tour of the Affordable Care Act, and more.

  • NC Cost of Care

    This thorough and easy to read survey offers the average cost of various adult care options in different parts of North Carolina. Information from other states is also available.


    This is the patient site for the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Care Medicine. It is rich with plain-language resources for families, caregivers, and patients, addressing topics such as definitions of palliative and hospice care, questions to ask the medical team, legal documents, and stories from patients.

  • The Conversation Project

    This site offers step by step resources for beginning and continuing conversations about end of life decisions with your loved ones. Free “Conversation Starter Kits” and “Talk to Your Doctor Guides” are available for download in several languages. The site also features a collection of personal stories about how conversations can shape life—in all its stages.

  • US Department of Veteran’s Affairs: Palliative Care

    This section of the VA’s health care site offers tools for decision making, a definition of palliative care, a list of nursing homes by state, and details about what is and isn’t covered under the standard medical benefits package.

  • Where can I find an easy-to-use document for end of life planning?

    5 Wishes is an easy to use document that allows patients to have a voice in end of life decisions. 5 Wishes is written in everyday language and meets the legal requirements for advance directive in 42 states. This website offers 5 Wishes in online and paper form, in 28 languages, as well as specific information about how the form is used in your state.